Function: anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-allergy, lubrication
Parylene is a chemically inert, high purity coating material with good biocompatibility. It has been approved by the US FDA for various types of in vivo implantation. The devices coated by it can improve the surface lubrication type and biocompatibility. , Improve reliability. Parylene's biocompatibility and biological stability enable it to provide good moisture, chemical, and dielectric protection. Coated film has a low coefficient of friction, so it can be used where lubrication is required.


Medical electronic equipment

Parylene protects medical electronic components from moisture, biological liquids, and biological gases. These factors may cause these components to fail prematurely. This protection not only extends the life of the components, but also saves maintenance costs, while also reducing the risk of being unusable at critical times. Parylene conforms to the European Union's Directive on the Prohibition of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products (RoHS) 2002/95/EC.


Parylene is used in many medical equipment protection technologies and applications:
Implantable medical device
Parylene is listed in the FDA's Biomaterials Program and provides ideal surface modification functions for implantable medical devices, such as coronary stents and pacemakers. The coating protects medical devices and device components and serves as an acceptable contact surface for cellular tissue.


Medical forming equipment
Parylene's dry film lubricating properties make it an ideal mold release agent for medical forming equipment (such as wire mandrels). The film eliminates the flaking and delamination of such parts, which greatly extends their service life; and because they are solid and inert, no contaminants remain on the molded products.




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