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Parylene is the best protective material for these advanced assembly methods. With a thickness of 5 microns, it can withstand more than 1000V DC breakdown voltage. Therefore, Parylene is an excellent dielectric material in MEMS. At the same time, it has excellent barrier protection against the acid, alkali and organic solvents of the sensor and the harsh environment such as water vapor and salt spray.

The good penetration ability of Parylene active molecules is formed inside the element, at the bottom and around it, a high-quality protective layer without air gap. Excellent moisture resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance, excellent dielectric insulation performance, micron precision manufacturing, and extremely thin film layer still have excellent electrical properties, physical mechanical properties and anti-corrosion functions.

Electronic products are getting smaller and more complex, and Parylene coating can provide ultra-thin pinhole-free protection to ensure the reliability and service life of components.





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