Parylene is suitable for the coating of electronic components such as magnetic cores and magnetic rings (ferrite materials). After coating, the electronic components have good wear resistance, high hardness, strong adhesion, and high voltage insulation resistance. The appearance of the paint film is exquisite. Smooth and tactile.


At the same time, it can increase the dielectric properties and high-pressure resistance of ferrite and other magnetic materials, and can overcome the defects of acid resistance and grinding after ordinary epoxy resin spraying treatment. Parylene coating can form a uniform insulating protective coating on the surface of magnetic materials!


High permeability soft ferrite small magnetic core has small volume, high performance and large amount; the surface of these products must be coated with a protective layer of Parylene to enhance the insulation, firmness and smoothness of the product surface. This kind of coating can not be achieved by traditional aerobic spraying; rare earth permanent magnet products are more and more widely used in the fields of automobiles, speakers, magnetic therapy health products and motors. However, the corrosion resistance of the surface of such products is very high. The salt spray resistance time of ordinary electroplating and electrophoresis products can only reach 70-100 hours. The use of Parylene can reach 300-500 hours. Its corrosion resistance time is 4-5 times that of the former.


Magnetic material (Insulation, anti-rust, anti-thread injury, filling pinhole stability characteristics).


NdFeB rare-earth magnetic material is a new type of strong magnetic material that is coming soon. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in the fields of small motors, automotive electronics, dental tools, speakers, and power tools. However, the biggest weakness of NdFeB rare earth magnetic materials is that they are easily corroded by moisture and oxygen in the air, so there must be a safe and reliable protective coating. At present, two methods are commonly used in China for protection. One is the traditional electroplating process; this type of method sometimes affects the surface magnetic properties of the material and cannot provide effective protection for the magnetic material during the salt spray test. Another method is to use epoxy resin material for electrophoretic coating, but the workpiece must have a hanging point during coating. The repair of the hanging point is not only labor-consuming and time-consuming, but also the quality & thickness is difficult to guarantee


The Parylene coating technology can accurately control the thickness of the coating for full coating protection without fulcrums. Parylene is also a kind of polymer film material with very low oxygen permeability and water vapor permeability. Therefore, TDK and other companies developed Parylene coated rare earth magnetic material technology and products in the early 1990s. At present, foreign small neodymium iron boron rare earth magnetic materials The materials have been protected with Parylene.




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