About Us


DAWN SUR-Tech is a professional supplier of unique conformal surface coatings based on the para-xylene derivative (dimer) family. The para-xylene derivative undergoes a vaporization and polymerization process to form the industry commonly known as "pair Xylene "substance. Parylene is a proven generic name for a class of polymer-based conformal coatings, which has been widely deployed in various high-value areas in Europe and North America, such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial. DAWN SUR-Tech was founded in October 2019 to apply its expertise to provide customers with superior nano-coating technology.


Our Mission

  • Become a major parylene coating expert by providing continuous improvement and innovative solutions. By continuous research and development, we keep
  • improving our technical level, capabilities, and strategic management skills, expand company resources and realize the diversification of company interests, and become a parylene coating expert.
  • Continuously provide clients with consulting and knowledge-based skills.
  • Established and promoted strategic alliances to enhance its overall facilities and services to benefit customers.
  • Pursue business innovation, efficiency, benefit and sustainability.





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